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One of Fundación Valles’ strategic priorities is to provide access to information that can improve stakeholders’ market participation. With this aim, the Market Information and Analysis Service (SIMA, per the Spanish acronym) was created to provide price information from wholesale markets in seven departments of Bolivia.

Since 2002 SIMA has gathered, processed and broadcast agricultural product prices on a daily basis. This activity has made a critical contribution to the productive chain, i.e. commercialization. Thanks to SIMA, producers, suppliers, service providers and consumers have access to quality information that is current, reliable, and consistent, allowing them to do business with less uncertainty and under better terms for all parties involved.

Throughout nine years of continuous work up to March 31, 2012, SIMA has broadcast 2, 626 radio bulletins, prepared 2,543 national market reports, and published 10 annual price reports. SIMA has provided training in price interpretation and preparing production cost structures to 9,290 small producers and technicians. Furthermore, SIMA has consolidated the monitoring of 24 wholesale markets and 9 important rural expos in 7 departments of Bolivia. SIMA’s information is broadcast free of charge throughout a wide radio network and has an estimated audience of 300,000 families living in Bolivia’s rural areas.

SIMA’s cumulative experience and recognition allowed it to expand its services in 2010. Through a contract signed with the Food Security Project, a personalized radio bulletin was designed. This is a new service that identifies relevant products for a specific eco-region or municipality and then monitors their prices in the markets where farmer families do business and disseminates this information through community radio.

The Foundation’s cumulative experience and recognized prestige have enabled it to expand this service and to promote SIMA as the expert in Bolivian agricultural market research and analysis.

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